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Graph is a selection of poems published in a limited edition chapbook by Bombshelter Press.

“Motifs of silence and inarticulateness, broken music, which are paradoxically made articulate and musical by the fact of the poetry, are carried forward brilliantly. Sound becomes a metaphor for feeling…” –John Logan

“Joseph Coulson brings to his verse the disciplines of the composer of serious, contemporary music. His rhythms are inventive, his prosody modulates beautifully with the tenor of the writing, his poems move vigorously to their conclusions in consistently sustained measures, and, at a time when many writers are abandoning improvisational verse, Coulson has achieved a sound which allows him to speak to us forcefully in the accents of our own, richly complex idioms.” –Stephen Tudor


A Measured Silence (1986)
The Letting Go (1984)